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"I first attended a mindfulness session for educators with Ann Brand at The Center. I found the content compelling. I returned to another mini session offered during our districts beginning of the year wellness event. Since then, I have taken two 6- Week sessions with Ann. I highly recommend Ann’s mindfulness for educators class. She truly understands the demands of a teacher. The class introduces you to mindfulness practice and helps you learn to manage the stress that comes with our job. Her approach is so welcoming and educational."

Beverly Pierson

Earth & Space Sciences Teacher/ Dept. Chair
Memorial High School

"Taking Ann Brand’s Cultivating a Mindful Life course was a powerful experience that enriched many aspects of my life. Ann blends her vast knowledge of scientific research with wisdom and life experience, creating a curriculum that is both informative and accessible. With great patience and encouragement, Ann leads her students through a series of practices that take the mystery out of mindfulness and teach this valuable skill one breath at a time. The tools and practices learned in Cultivating a Mindful Life enhanced my teaching and listening skills, self-awareness, reactivity, and helped me invite more peace, awareness, and gratitude into my daily life. As a result of Ann’s class, I savor more of life’s pleasures, experience less anxiety and stress, and have learned how to choose which thoughts I invite into my day. This class is transformative."

Erin Layde

Eau Claire, WI

"I want to extend my sincere appreciation of you sharing your expertise in teaching the mindfulness course. I checked out many a CD and a few books from the library in attempts to self start in a practice, without much success. I found your course to be well taught, and feel that I can and will continue the practice. The book complimented the classes, and you went the extra mile sending us encouraging e-mails with helpful links. I appreciated learning about the physiological effects of mindfulness practice, and the variations that can be utilized. I highly recommend this course, and thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight!! "

Kathy Morin

Eau Claire, WI

"Ann Brand manages to engage both right- and left-brain thinkers with her approach to the concept of mindfulness, by providing hard evidence for the benefits and encouraging individualized applications through demonstrations. Her seminar for university faculty and staff earned unanimous accolades. Even those who arrived a bit skeptical were delighted with what they learned and left with a clear understanding of how mindfulness practice could benefit them personally. This workshop's context related to mindfulness for leaders, but I highly recommend Ann Brand's work to anyone who wants to grow personally or professionally."

Martha J. Fay, Ph.D.

Professor, Organizational Communication
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

"Ann’s mindfulness classes help me in many ways. I use her techniques throughout the week to get through stressful situations. Her methods help me cope with life’s many uncertainties. I’ve learned a lot about myself and realize I can only do one thing at a time which helps my accuracy at work and to be more appreciative of the good things in my life."

Jeff Erikson

Eau Claire, WI

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